Step 1. The client will typically approach us with a design concept or idea for a piece. During our initial consultation, we discuss it thoroughly from overview to detail along with the current construction availability. A design contract is executed following this meeting, and design work commences. Rough sketches help us better communicate, and refine the concept as we proceed.

Step 2. A 3-D computer model is prepared from this information, and reviewed with the client. This helps to insure that we both share a common “vision”. Changes are made to the model based on feedback received, and the process repeats as required. A full-scale mock-up is produced when necessary to demonstrate details, or to assist the client’s understanding.

Step 3. A contract is drafted that defines the scope of the commission with all associated details. The client should carefully examine this document and sign only after all questions have been satisfactorily addressed. The first of three payments is typically due at this point.

Step 4. Materials are purchased and construction begins, usually after several weeks. Clients are welcome to observe the progress of their piece by appointment.

Step 5. When construction is complete, the client is invited to inspect their piece prior to finish being applied. A second payment is customarily due at this point.

Step 6. The piece is hand planed, scraped, and sanded to final texture. The finish is applied.

Step 7. When the finishing process is complete, the client is contacted for inspection. Final payment is due prior to shipment.

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