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“New Directions” Table                    $807.38 SOLD


Wood: Cherry - legs, top edges; Curly maple veneer - top; Maple - aprons

Dimensions: height 24", top (equilateral triangle) 16" on a side

Finish: Tried & True Varnish Oil with clear shellac top coat

Exhibited at 2011 pARTy, a benefit for The Arts Council

Based on a variation of a Shaker candle stand, this small occasional table is embellished with a “modified” compass rose in its center. It received its name when the intended destination did not turn out. I reworked the top to include the marquetry emblem, and decided to send it off in a different direction. This petite table is an ornamental gem!

Solid Cherry Wall Cabinet                    $1,884.81


Wood: Cherry; Maple - drawer handle

Dimensions: height 18", width 9”, depth 5 1/4”

Finish: Tried & True Varnish Oil

Exhibited at Tommy MacDonald's WoodExpo 2011 - The New England Home Show

This small cabinet features:

•  solid cherry throughout,

•  an eye-catching, uniquely figured cherry door panel,

•  all dovetail construction,

•  high-quality solid brass hinges,

•  a French cleat mounting system, and is

•  one of only three!

Keepsake Wall Cabinet                    $1,415.91


Wood: Walnut - carcass, door frame; Red oak - back; Madrone burl - panel veneer; Gabon ebony - door pull

Dimensions: height 18", width 20”, depth 6 3/8”

Finish: Tried & True Varnish Oil with clear shellac top coat, and paste wax

This special cabinet features:

  1. secret dovetail joinery,

  2. solid wood throughout,

•  four-way book matched burl door panel,

•  high-quality solid brass hinges, and

•  a French cleat mounting system.